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This press conference was probably held after the first episode aired.*


‘Kindred: the Embraced’ the new tv series by the producers of ‘Melrose Place’ and ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ features five clans of vampires struggling for power in San Francisco. Here, we find the producers and members of the cast, during a press conference for the Foreign Press, in Los Angeles.

During the first half of this Conference, individual questions were made to the actors and producer. Later, they debated over each other’s answers.

J. Leekley, executive producer

How did you get into filming a RPG book?
I still don’t know exactly how did I get to it. But, I have no regrets.

Whose idea was it?
Aaron once said he’d like to do something different from the hyper-stylish tv series we’ve been doing. And I think Peter Medak was trying to film a very popular book on vampires he’d read. We thought “Oh my God, please, not another Lestat!”. But then when the first script came up we decided to do it.

After viewing the first episode, and also observing the ratings, what’s your opinion on the show?
It’s quite impressive! The mood is perfect, the story lines are going to be just perfect!

You sound very excited with this show in particular…
Hmm, it’s so different from everything I’ve done recently. Yes, I’m excited about it.

Is it true you didn’t want Mark Frankel as Luna? How did you change your mind about it?
To tell you the truth, up until the moment he walked in, I didn’t know exactly who he was. I remember he was very tired and nervous, looking around, pretending to be cool about it. Then I told him to relax, he smiled, took a deep breath and looked me in the eye. I thought “that’s it! Here is Julian Luna, right in front of me”. He read one scene with the perfect tone and emotion and as I looked around, we were all open mouthed. He was amazing that day. A few weeks later, I took a walk around the set and there he was recording, along with Thomas Howell, the scene where they fight over Alexandra’s death. And I thought to myself. Well, he doesn’t have the milk-white skin and isn’t as tall as we wanted, but we’ll never find a better prince.

His good looks also had some weight in your favorable decision, right?
I wouldn’t say his looks only, but he has something very important to any actor, and few of them have: presence. He’s the kind of person everyone wants to be with, to talk to. His energy is so strong and positive. I’d say he’s magnetic.

What about the other actors? Did they also end up turning out to the better?
Patrick Bauchau was always my first choice for Archon. We had seen him on stage several times and we thought he was great. Aside from him, I think only Stacy Haiduk was who we wanted. But I say it again, I couldn’t find a better group of people to work with.

Looks like the reviews aren’t so favorable to the series.
I never do anything, or produce a show thinking of reviews. Had I done so, Melrose wouldn’t exist. And here it is, heading to its 7th season. Our Kindred audience, is the people who play the RPG games, and vampire aficionados.

Would you compare “Kindred” to the Godfather?
In a way, yes. It’s a war between the Brujah and the other clans, so to speak. In a very basic meaning, I could compare the clans to the mobster gangs, yes.

Is it the first time you personally go checking on a series?
What do you mean? Like supervising?

Yes. You seem to be very active this time.
I try to be around as much as possible. But I leave it all to the directors – they know a lot more about the making of a movie.

Do you control what is filmed?
No. I only see general plot lines and occasionally take a look at the scripts. But I approve of the cast – always.

Mark Frankel (Julian Luna)

Mark, how’s it playing a vampire?
Exciting. I had never played a vampire before, and I’m thrilled to do so.

What’s the most interesting thing you found out about vampires?
Power. Wisdom. Well, at least my character is a wise one. There are a few of them who aren’t that smart…

Who is Julian Luna?
He’s the new Prince of the San Francisco masquerade. He’s tough and ruthless, very powerful and well-respected, but he’s also loyal to his friends. He has an on and off relationship with Lillie, which is threatened by the arrival of a journalist, Caitlin, played by Kelly Rutherford.

What’s the most interesting thing in playing Julian Luna?
Hm, again, his power. He’s a very powerful man, I mean, person and I like the opportunities I can create with him, building up his personality. He’s also very complex, and captivating.

You’ve played an enormous variety of characters so far. What was your favorite?
I really loved Carlton Dial, from ‘Fortune Hunter’, the adventurous Bond-like ex-spy. It was not very challenging though, but it was fun. I also loved playing ‘Simon Bolt’. I love his troublesome background. But, I always love the most, the character I’m playing at the moment, so, I guess, right now, my favorite is Julian Luna.

Do you believe in the supernatural?
I believe in some aspects of it. I believe in reincarnation, though. I also believe in the laws of Karma.

What is your impression on the show?
I never read the book “The Masquerade”, and never was the vampire lover, but I love it. It’s extremely well done, this is the best cast I worked with, in years and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Stacy Haiduk (Lillie Langtry)

In your opinion, what’s the best thing about Lillie?
To be given the chance of kissing Mark every now and then (laughs). No, seriously, she’s irresistible and, I love this – the femme fatale stuff. And she’s very jealous and possessive when the subject is Luna, which I think may cause her some trouble in the future.

How’s that?
Well, let’s say I won’t approve of his choice in relationships.

What’s the best thing in being a vampire?
Power, definitely. Especially Lillie’s, because aside from the natural powers vampires have, she is very seductive, and uses it as a weapon.

Looks like the series is very successful among the RPG book fans.
When I first read the script, it looked very good, but I was worried about the “Melrose” side of it: everyone is beautiful, they all have a dark side, so it wouldn’t strike them. But then, after we saw the exhibition of the first episode, it looked so cool, and a friend who had read the book said it was so faithful to the original idea, I was sure it would become a hit – and I think it is.

Patrick Bauchau (Archon)

Did you ever think that you’d be playing a vampire?
You know, I always wanted to play one. Really! And I’m very enthusiastic about Archon.

Can you tell us a little about him?
Archon was Julian’s Sire and Prince for almost 200 years. But he’s become tired and decided to step aside and let Julian in. Archon is very powerful and advises Luna whenever it’s needed. But he has a dark past.

It’s the second time you’ve worked with Mark Frankel, right?
Yes, we did an episode of ‘Fortune Hunter’, in which I also played his mentor (He looks at Mark, who grins and tilts his head – “I respect you my master” – laughs). When he was cast I thought “Oh no, there comes that British boy again”!

That’s what he thinks of me, you see? – Mark says to Stacy, faking a hurt face.

Bite him! – Stacy says.

I probably will. – he answers back, smilingly.

What are you going to teach him this time?
That vampires and humans shouldn’t mingle.

What do you mean?
(He looks at Mark, who raises one brow) Oh, my turn. Well, this is a lesson I still have to learn. (laughs). Now, seriously. Julian will learn the hard way what happens when certain laws are broken.

Kelly Rutherford (Caitlin)

Who is Caitlin?
She’s a journalist, the chief editor of the San Francisco times. Oh, she’s also human. The human Julian falls for. She’s skeptical, but she feels that there’s something wrong with Julian.

Is it the first time you get involved with a vampire?
I truly hope so. I would be very angry if one of my boyfriends were a vampire and never told me.

What do you think Caitlyn will do when she finds out who Julian actually is?
I’m not sure. I think she would try to break up with him for a while, and then, would accept him, for much of Lillie’s despair (she looks at Stacy, smiling). But it will take a long time before she finally finds out the truth. But she is always walking on the edge, you know?

Isn’t it dangerous for her?
As long as Julian is in love with her, I don’t think so. Unless, Lillie sets her up, or something.

How many episodes have you shot so far?
I shot two. They shot three.

How is playing the vampire girlfriend?
Hm, we’re not exactly a couple. Not yet. Even though he bought a newspaper just to keep me close, and he loves my chocolate pie, there’s nothing steady between us. Yet.

To Stacy:
How is playing the vampire girlfriend?

Hmm, I play the vampire and the girlfriend. (Laughs)

To Mark:
It must do you very well to have them fighting over you, huh?

Well, (he sighs and reclines on his chair) it’s a dirty job, you know, but somebody’s got to do it. (Everybody laughs)

Back to Kelly
What is your impression on the series?

It’s so fascinating, the world of the Masquerade. I think the series is one of the best, this season, and will probably be a major hit. Well, at least this is the only one with a REAL British actor, right?

Jeff Kober (Daedalus)

Can you tell us a little about Daedalus?
He’s the primogen of the Nosferatu, that can be considered the oldest clan of all. The Nosferatu don’t mingle with the other clans – they’re not as handsome as the Venture or the Toreador (Mark and Stacy start giggling at something she said) – they’d rather stay on their own and avoid getting in the other clans’ way as much as possible.

But Daedalus and Julian are close friends, right?
That’s right. They respect each other, and are free to talk to each other in a brotherly way. Daedalus is also one of the few people Julian really listens to.

It gives him some power, doesn’t it?
Not power, but credit among his clan.

Is Luna a popular prince?
MF: I’d say yes. The only clan who really wants to see him down is the Brujah. But I guess they would like to take anybody down, and rule the city, which is most unlikely to happen.
PB: Julian’s hunger for the peace among the clans makes him very popular and respected. They all know that Julian will try to keep peace among us as any cost. Well, at almost any cost.

How many episodes will there be for the first season?
JL: We have 10 episodes written, but only 8 will be shot this season.

Why not all 10?
JL: The season is almost over and I guess we will not have time for airing 10 episodes. Besides, we don’t know if Kindred will be caught up for next season immediately.

Of the 3 episodes you shot so far, which is the favorite?
PB: The pilot.
MF: I think we were all a little lost in the pilot. I think “Prince of the City” is pretty cool.
SH: Obviously.
MF: Hm? Wh-what do you mean?
SH: It’s obvious you like “Prince of the City”.
MF: Of course, I appear the most! (laughs) What about you, Miss Haiduk? What is your favorite episode?
SH: The pilot.
PB: Hm, because you get to kiss the handsome boy, right?
SH: Sure!

Why is it the Kindred don’t have fangs?
MF: They have adapted themselves to this Century, and to the activities they perform. It would be very hard to maintain our secrecy if we had fangs.

And they don’t come out of a coffin either.
MF: No, Thank God.
PB: Why?
MF: I hate coffins and cemeteries. I had to film inside a coffin for an episode of Fortune Hunter and it really gave me the creeps and I found out I suffer from claustrophobia.
PB: I see.

How is it the convivial bet ween vampires and humans?
MF: Interesting, if managed carefully and respectfully, they can live side by side.

Why do the vampires in ‘Kindred’ can walk in broad daylight?
PB: They can only do it if they are fed, otherwise they are weak and suffer from exposure to sunlight.

Very unusual!
PB: Like Mark said, we’ve adapted to the new ages.

In your opinion, what’s the reason people are so fascinated with vampires?
PB: They’re immortal.
MF: Yes, and also, they are very mysterious and sexy.

Ms. Rutherford, do you think vampires are sexy?
KR: Oh yes, very. At least the ones in San Francisco are very sexy.

How’s that?
KR: They’re all extremely well dressed, polite and charming.

If you were to be embraced? Which clan would you like to join?
KR: Toreador.
MF: Excuse me?
KR: I’m a journalist, remember?
MF: So what? I would be very pleased to embrace a journalist.
SH: In your dreams.
MF: Maybe I should hand you to the Nosferatu.
JK: Oh, I’d be glad!
KR: Ok, ok, I take it back. I’d love very much to become a ventrue.
MF: (Winks and smiles)

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