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EXTRApr: EXTRA Online Welcome’s MARK FRANKEL, Star of KINDRED: THE EMBRACED. Mark portrays JULIAN LUNA, the Prince of all Vampires struggling to keep the 5 diverse Vampire Clans under control! Be sure to Catch KINDRED: THE EMBRACED, airing on FOX Wednesday’s at 9 ET!

EXTRApr: A question from Nchntd00:
Question: What have you learned most about what it takes to be a vampire??

Mark Frankl: Control. As a creature who has existed for centuries in a hostile world, where people who don’t understand you consider you as the enemy, you have to learn to be in control of yourself in all circumstances. After all, you have been in the prime of your life, absorbing knowledge for centuries and that gives you a certain mental weight that you need to use to survive.

EXTRApr: From Nch:
Question: Is it a different kind of ‘seduction’ when it’s blood you’re after…..

Mark Frankl: As Julian and as a vampire that has to survive, like any creature in a jungle, I unfortunately have to say, yes…Regrettably.

EXTRApr: FromSciFiMarci:
Question: Why do the Kindred vampires not have elongated fangs? The Masquerade book indicates that the clan vampires do.

Mark Frankl:
Can you imagine as a Kindred in the police department? In the fire department? A doctor in a hospital trying to live amongst society and having one inch long fangs. It would be a sure way to draw attention to oneself. And as I’ve said before, Kindred have adapted themselves, as have humans to survive.

EXTRApr: From LALaw:
Question: Is this Your first Foray into Cyberspace, or do vampires use the internet too?

Mark Frankl: We’re all around you.

EXTRApr: From DLipper:
Question: What is your favorite vampire book?

Mark Frankl: I’ve read Anne Rice and Bram Stoker. But we have created a new Bible by which the cast abides. It’s quite long and goes into great detail about the world of the Kindred, our laws, our faith and, at the moment, this is my favorite nighttime reading material.

EXTRApr: From Td00:
Question: What powers are your favorite about being a vampire??? Were you surprised at the *power* and knowledge you are “supposed” to posess?

Mark Frankl: Playing this character is one of the most exciting things I’ve done. Imagine, which I presume, you are in the prime of your life, you think you know it all, you think you understand human psychology, you think you understand your parents. 20 years from now, I’m sure you will look back and say to yourself, “I really knew so little.” Imagine instead of that time being 20 years, but 200. The knowledge you will have gained, the wisdom, the understanding of human psychology. To me, that is probably the most exciting thing about playing Julian.

EXTRApr: From Barbarella:
Question: What kind of research did you do to study for your role??

Mark Frankl: I went out every night looking for girls just like you.

EXTRApr: From DonGuy:
Question: What makes vampire’s so sexy?

Mark Frankl: As a vampire, you have a heightened sense of smell, taste, touch, hearing and, of course, other senses are heightened equally.

EXTRApr: FromTroyBoy:
Question: Have you ever played a vampire before this?

Mark Frankl: No.

EXTRApr: From nchn:
Question: Are the special effects hard to deal with? The shooting schedule of a ‘series’ rather than a feature? “Draining..?”

Mark Frankl: Yes. We’re shooting approximately the equivalent of half a feature film every seven working days, which would be like shooting a major feature in two weeks. We work anything up to 15 hours a day, and the pace is fast and fierce. Concentration is probably the most important asset an actor can have with this kind of schedule. Shooting a feature is definitely a less grueling experience but, in some ways, not as exciting because at the end of an episode of “Kindred,” we have a new script with a whole new storyline and dynamic.

EXTRApr: From Ahdonees:
Question: What was it like to play Catherine the Great’s lover and do you give any credence to the suspected method of her demise?

Mark Frankl: This reminds me of a question somebody asked me earlier today. “Are vampires afraid of garlic?” And I asked the question, “Do you believe a creature with the powers of a vampire, his knowledge and strength, would be afraid of garlic?” You might as well as be afraid of cauliflower. I don’t believe that, just as I don’t believe it *possible* that Catherine the Great passed away as has been suggested. Playing her lover was extremely romantic as we shot on location in St. Petersburg.

EXTRApr: FromScFiMarci:
Question: Mark, I really appreciate the range of emotion you have put into your character. I know you’ve done another TV series – have you much stage experience – any Shakespeare?

Mark Frankl: Yes. I studied in England for five years before I did my first professional play. I have done many Shakespearean plays and studied the classics for three years in London. My most ambitious project was a one-man show on Macbeth.

EXTRApr: From Ahdonees:
Question: There have been a number of articles written about the homoerotic nature of all vampire lore…can you comment on this?

Mark Frankl: If a vampire needs to feed, in my case, the victim would preferably be female. But vampires must drink blood to survive.

EXTRApr: From J Utah:
Question: Why do we never see Julian “feed” on the show?

Mark Frankl: Vampires, in fact, need very little blood to survive. The show isn’t really about blood and feeding. It’s more about the relationships between the characters.

EXTRApr: From Ntd00:
Question: Have you found that the public is more ‘scared’ of you since the show has been on air?

Mark Frankl: On the contrary. Remember, Julian is a protector.

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EXTRApr: From ScFiMarci:
Question: Have you ever seen the series “Forever Knight”? And if so, do you think Kindred will attract any of that series fans? And what did you think of it?

Mark Frankl: Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the series. I’ve certainly heard of it and would like to see it. So I can’t comment.

EXTRApr: From Kindred Fan:
Question: How else did you prepare for the role — mentally/physically? How much time did you have before you started shooting to think about the role?

Mark Frankl: One dreams of having months to prepare for a role, but unfortunately this almost never happens. I tried to think about what it would be like to be a immortal, where time means nothing. Unlike humans, the clock isn’t ticking, which can be daunting and could deplete your energy rather than enhance it. The positive side is that having lived for so long, one has a fantastic understanding of human psychology. I tried to think about this to give Julian the weight he needed. Whereas Sean Connery, an actor in his 60’s, that weight would exist. As an actor of my age, playing a character 200 years old was not only a challenge but quite strangely all-encompassing. The more I thought about this during my preparation, the more centered, dignified and powerful I felt.

EXTRApr: From DonGuy:
Question: If you drink the blood of a drunk, do you get inebriated too?

Mark Frankl: I don’t think so.

EXTRApr: From Nchntd:
Question: What do you do as a vampire to compensate for the lack of actual ‘intercourse’?

Mark Frankl: Kindred were humans before they were embraced. Why would embracing somebody into the Kindred, which gives them immortality, heightened senses, mental powers, physical powers, prevent them from having intercourse? Wait for episode 8 called “Cabin in the Woods,” where Caitlin takes me to get away from the City for a weekend. All will be explained.

EXTRApr: From J Utah:
Question: What else does Julian desire besides being the Prince? BTW–If you were looking for girls like me you didn’t look hard enough–I’m still here!!!

Mark Frankl: He desires companionship, somebody to share his life and his knowledge. Julian is desperate to have a human relationship, to be in love, to grow old and die. But at the same time, he has a responsibility as Prince of the City to the five clans. They need his guidance. I’ll keep looking for you.

EXTRApr: From El Masser:
Question: What nationality are you?

Mark Frankl: I’m English.

EXTRApr: From MarkLan:
EXTRApr: What movies and TV shows catch your interest when you aren’t shooting?

Mark Frankl: I love movies like “Apocalypse Now,” “The Godfather” trilogy, “Streetcar Named Desire” with Marlon Brando, and although I do see quite a few movies, it’s tough to compare them to those. I enjoy the “The X Files,” “Married With Children” and “ER,” because a friend of mine’s is in it.

EXTRApr: And one last Question from Freyja:
EXTRApr: Do you feel that this is a role you were meant to play?

Mark Frankl: Yes.

EXTRApr: Any last words for the fans, Mark?

Mark Frankl: I think the world of The Kindred is fascinating. As an actor, it has drawn me in and all but engulfed me. The show has some very exciting episodes coming up. My relationship with Caitlin heats up and creates a very exciting love triangle with Lily that has been fascinating to play. I hope you all stick with it and become as hooked as I am. Keep well and be as good a person as you can.

Sincerely, Mark.

EXTRApr: Be sure to Catch KINDRED: THE EMBRACED, airing on FOX Wednesday’s at 9 ET! If you want to see Mark back online, email us at EXTRApr!

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