Sunday, April 11, 1993

Bettelou Peterson
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Q. What’s the name of the Englishman who plays Teddy’s boss on “Sisters”? Is he married? What’s his age? What else has he done? – Mrs. L.C. Wright, Detroit

A. Mark Frankel, who plays Simon Bolt, is from London, England. He won’t give his age, but he’s twentysomething and is married to actress Caroline Besson. His credits are in British TV.

September 6, 1994



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Q. Please tell me the name of the actor who played Simon Bolt on the series “Sisters.” Could you also tell me if he’s been in other roles? – Karla J., Jamaica, N.Y.

A. British-born Mark Frankel is the actor you mean. A graduate of London’s Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts, he was cast as the title character of TNT’s “Michelangelo: A Season of Giants” while acting in his first professional stage play. He went on to play Count Orlov in TNT’s “Young Catherine” with Vanessa Redgrave and Christopher Plummer. Frankel’s other credits include several London stage productions.

November 23, 1994


With Accent

Dear R.K. Shull: My friends and I love the new show “Fortune Hunter”. We would like to know about the guy who plays Carlton Dial. I love the accent. Where is he from? – C.D.

Dear Reader: Mark Frankel is a classically-trained English actor best known as one of Sela Ward’s ex-beaus on “Sisters”. He had tried out for the James Bond film role that has gone to Pierce Brosnan. As a consolation prize, he got to do “Fortune Hunter”, a Bond spoof.

January 23, 1996

TV Book

Tom Jicha

Q. Will Fox be bringing back Kindred: the Embraced? Also, could you tell me a little about the star, Mark Frankel? – Harriet Clement, Miramar

A. Fox has driven a spike through the heart of Kindred: the Embraced. This was the second strike for Frankel at Fox. Last season he played the lead in Fortune Hunter, an attempt to knock off James Bond. He also had a recurring role in Sisters.

September 19, 1996



Dear R.K. Shull: Whatever happened to Kindred: the Embraced? Are they going to be back again? – L.M.

Dear Reader: Just call it Kissed-off: the Rejected. Fox dumped it.

November 21, 1996


Vampire died

Dear R.K. Shull: A lot of people write to you about a show on Fox last season, Kindred: the Embraced. I thought they might like to know that in Soap Opera Weekly it was reported that handsome and very talented Mark Frankel that played the head vampire was killed in a motorcycle crash in London. The soap opera press is always right about matters that are about soap stars. – A.M.

Dear Reader: It didn’t happen in just Soap Opera Weekly, it’s a fact that Frankel, 34, died Sept. 25 of injuries from a cycle accident in West London in his native England. In addition to the short-lived vampire show he was seen over here in 1991 in the TNT miniseries, Young Catherine.

December 15, 1996

Walter Scott’s Personality Parade

Q. I was captivated by the late Mark Frankel who played the vampire prince on FOX’s Kindred: The Embraced series. Can you tell me about his personal life his other roles and the circumstances of his death? – L.D.A. Tampa, Fla.

A. “Mark died on Sept. 24 after his motorcycle was hit by a truck in West London in an accident still being investigated,” a source close to the actor told us. “It’s very sad, especially because his wife, Caroline, is pregnant with their second child.” Frankel, who was 34, also left a son, Fabian, 2. Prior to “Kindred,” Frankel was an internationally ranked tennis player. He gave up tennis for acting and appeared in two American series “Sisters” and “Fortune Hunter,” plus a pair of British mini-series “Young Catherine” and “Michelangelo: A Season of Giants.” He also starred in the films “Leon The Pig Farmer” (a cult classic in Europe) and “Solitaire for Two” both directed by Gary Sinyor. A few months before his death, Frankel completed “Roseanna’s Grave,” a romantic comedy set for release on Valentine’s Day. His “Roseanna” co-star, the Oscar winner Mercedes Ruehl, told us, “Everyone in the tiny Italian village where we were filming – especially the children – grew to love Mark. Besides being physicallly beautiful, he was a beautiful soul and a gentle person.”

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January 1997, page 49:

Mark Frankel

Q. Please, please could you tell me more about Mark Frankel. I think he’s great , but all I know about him is that he starred in ‘Leon the Pig Farmer’ and the US fantasy series ‘Kindred: The Embraced’. Could you print some background – age, where from, etc.? Also, what other films has he done? – Rose Benn, Mansfield, Notts.

A. Mark Frankel was born in London in 1962 with different coloured eyes (one black, one brown). After a brief career as a professional tennis player, he turned to acting. He was performing in the play ‘Days of Cavafy’ (above a pub) when he was spotted by casting director Jerry Landon. “One minute I was cycling to the theatre and playing to 40 people,” he explained, “the next I was flying to Italy to film the mini-series ‘Michelangelo’ ( in the title role).” He next appeared in another mini-series, ‘Young Catherine’, with Julia Ormond and Vanessa Redgrave, and clocked up appearances in such BBC productions as ‘Vanity Dies Hard’ and ‘Maigret’. After ‘Leon the Pig Farmer’, Frankel re-teamed with director Gary Sinyor to play an arrogant body language instructor who falls for psychic scientist Amanda Pays in the romantic comedy ‘Solitaire for 2’. He played a recurring role as Simon Bolt in the American TV series ‘Sisters’ and will next be seen in the theatrical feature ‘Roseanna’s Grave’, with Jean Reno aand Mercedes Ruehl. Mark died on September the 24th, 1996, from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident and is survived by his wife Caroline and son Fabian.

January 26, 1997

TV Line

Q. Last season, Aaron Spelling made a series for Fox called “Kindred: the Embraced”, but there were only a few episodes. Will it come back, and if not, is it possible to get copies of the show?

A. The network had high hopes for the program but ultimately was disappointed by the ratings, so the season finale turned out to be the series finale. We haven’t heard of any plans to market the program on video. Mark Frankel, the British actor who had the pivotal “Kindred” role as vampire-clan liason Julian, died recently, the result of a motorcycle accident in his native country. He previously worked for Fox in a short-lived spy adventure “Fortune Hunter” and also appeared as Simon Bolt on NBC’s “Sisters”.

January 1, 1998


The Late Mark

Dear R.K. Shull: Can you tell me what happened to the British actor, Mark Frankel? He played Sela Ward’s love interest on “Sisters” for a couple of seasons and played a James Bond-type character on a short-lived series. Siskel and Ebert referred to him as “the late Mark Frankel” during a recent film review. I have no idea how or when he died. – E.O.H.

Dear Reader: Frankel was killed on Sept. 24, 1996, at the age of 34 in what I believe was a traffic accident in London. He had played Sela Ward’s beau, Simon Bolt, during the 1992-1993 season and starred in Fox’s “Fortune Hunter”, which lasted for a month in the fall of 1994.