Celebrity Sighting
Anwar Brett

Having been exposed to the mystical experience of dating a girl with ESP on screen in last year’s British comedy Solitaire for Two, actor Mark Frankel admits that the unexplained phenomena are not entirely new to him.

In his time the 32 year old London born actor – star of Leon the Pig Farmer and the US TV series Sisters, Kindred the Embraced and Fortune Hunter – has enjoyed a varied, some would say wild, youth which included the opportunity to travel the world.

“I was a very uncontrollable, wild kid” he agrees, “I got into lots of trouble, until I was into my early teens and basically had a great time doing it. It was anarchic behaviour but not in a vindictive way. I didn’t beat people up or anything like that”.

“These days it’s controlled wildness; I like dangerous sports. I skydive, ride motorcycles and stuff like that, but I used to do more dangerous things as a child. I had a lot of accidents and spent months in hospital, I even had a motorcycle accident before I was legally allowed to ride one. I also had an accident with a javelin that put me in hospital for several months,” he adds mysteriously, “but I don’t want to go into that.”

All of which might suggest that some form of concussion is behind Frankel’s bizarre experience, but he remains convinced that he actually saw a ghost.

“When I was much younger I visited South Africa, and stayed at this old YMCA. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw two figures standing on the other side of the room. I was frozen with fear for about 15 minutes. It was probably about five minutes in reality, I had enough time to check that I was awake, but there they were standing and looking at me, not moving, although they swayed a little bit.”

“One was very short, about three feet tall, and the other was a big guy holding a long staff. They had a kind of medieval costume on. Finally I plucked up the courage to run around them and switch the light on. At that they were gone.”