The Fanclub gets a lot of mail on the subject of where Mark is buried. They range from which country he rests in, to requests for directions to the grave site itself. We have decided to answer these questions here, in order to help those people who require the information. Whether you just want to know, or you need the information for a future trip, we hope that the following info helps.

Mark is buried in the Brooklands Lane Cemetery in Weybridge, Surrey, England.

The following directions are for travelers without automobiles. Those who are driving, should be able to find it from these instructions as well, once you arrive in Weybridge, and find the tube station. It’s fairly simple once you know which station to start from.

  • Take the tube from the Waterloo station in London. You can purchase tickets from any train station. The ticket agents have a huge catalog that shows all the scheduled trains, etc. There are several times available for departures, be sure to check when the train returns to London. It takes about 45 minutes to get there, but the landscape is beautiful, and it was a very pleasant ride.
  • Once you arrive at the Weybridge train station, you will exit through the turnstiles and walk to the right until out of the station.
  • Once outside the station, you’ll notice a road that runs alongside the station. Turn right and walk to the top of the hill.
  • You’ll be standing at an intersection. Turn left to go towards Weybridge.
  • There will be a sign that will say ‘Elmbridge Museum’ and ‘Weybridge’. There is a sidewalk on both sides of the road. Continue walking for a mile or two. You will pass the entrance to Brooklands College.
  • Turn left at the next intersection; this should be Brooklands Lane. There are mostly residences. Continue for approximately 1/4 to 1/2 mile and look for the cemetery on the right.
  • There are black wrought iron gates at the entrance and you’ll see what looks like an ancient chapel through the gates.
  • In order to reach the grave site, you go to the left of the chapel and continue going forward, working your way left.
  • Mark and Joe are near the left hand edge, in the old Jewish section of the cemetery. However, before you go into the first entrance, be advised that there is another entrance, which goes right by where Mark and his brother Joe are buried.
  • Go past the black gates, walk past the Heathside School entrance (on the left side of the road) and you’ll come to the second entrance to the cemetery on the right. It’s a paved car size drive.
  • If you stay on the drive as opposed to the cemetery path, and go about 50 yards, you’ll see the backs of Mark’s and Joe’s headstones about 20 feet off the drive on the right.
  • Joe’s headstone is gray marble and Mark’s is black marble. They are placed very close to one another.
  • If you would like to see photos of the graves, which might help you in identifying them when you are there, please visit our headstones page.