“A Season of Giants”

January 07, 1999

I worked with Mark on the set of “A Season of Giants”, in Nerviano, Italia and I have this to tell you about him.

It was a hot afternoon and everybody was resting after the lunch. He was going to shoot the scena when Michelangelo sculpts the nose of David, and Mark had to do it himself, but he was afraid to hit the stone too hard and “transforming it into Gizeh, the sphynx”.

So he received a small block of marble to practise. When the time to shoot arrived he had it perfectly planned and sculpted perfection. Now, the fun thing about it was that he was so nervous when he was practicing that he broke the marble in several pieces. And by the time to shoot the real scena he did it one single hit. He looked like a sculptor…

He was a very happy person, always laughing and joking and playing, specially with children. He loved children and the children loved him back.

Okay I’m sorry that this is so short but I believe you would like to hear it.