Stuntman “Kindred: the Embraced”

July 02, 1999

While I do have a story from Kindred, I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Mark…

It was probably one of the simplest, but scariest stunts I ever did. It was the episode where we were standing on train tracks, holding hands, waiting to get flattened, while someone else was supposed to be talking us out of it.

I was supposed to calmly walk out of the way as the train (a real train) screamed past me. I was also warned to be at least a foot away from the side of the train or the suction would pull me back in.

We had timed it that when the train passed a certain mark, we would go. What sucked is that I had to wait for the other two people to move before I could. However, we shot the scene at dark, so we couldn’t see the mark. The other two stuntmen froze as the train came right at us.

The tracks were shaking under my feet. If anyone yelled at us, I couldn’t hear it. The other two stuntmen dove for cover as I casually stepped to the side – feeling the tug of the suction.

Afterwards, we found out that the train had passed the mark, and there wasn’t anything they could do to warn us…