Actor “Kindred: the Embraced”

November 14, 1999

Mark helped make working on “Kindred” one of the best acting experiences I’ve ever had. He was friendly and warm to us “newcomers” on the set, which isn’t always the case for the star of a series. Professionally, he was very generous, seeing if there wasn’t some way I could get more screen time, a better line, whatever. He made me look good. We’d hang out by our trailers making jokes, passing the time between set ups. We talked about his new baby, acting, cars, the usual stuff. At the end of the shooting week for “Romeo and Juliet” I gave him a book from the Masquerade series called “Prince of the City”. He gave me a hug and said “I expect we’ll be seing more of you.” “How’s that? I just got ripped limb from limb onscreen?” ” Oh, come on, you’re a vampire. You’ll be back.” A month later I ran into Mark at looping (Where we re-record any dialogue that got lost). He said he hadn’t read the book yet, but was going to on hiatus when he went home to London. We shook hands for the last time and I never saw him again. I really miss this warm, encouraging, considerate, funny, cool guy. He was one of the Good Guys, and there aren’t enough like him.