Production Office Coordinator “Fortune Hunter”

April 25, 1999

I really can’t think of a particular story about him. he was charming and a very hard worker. He was very particular about himself, his wardrobe, his look. He wanted everything about his character to be perfect….he may have been a little like this in his personal life as well. I met his wife and she was lovely. They had a child and he was very, very loving toward his family….always anxious to see them. I forget her name at the moment. He was also very generous as he and his wife gave me a beautiful scarf at the end of the show. I have it tucked away and kept the note of thanks that he wrote. It is my fondest memory of him, as work can well, be work, and production moves very quickly, where days are long and people are very busy with the details of their on job.

I do remember that I hired two personal assistants for him and, although I don’t recall any stories from either of the girls (one I’m still in touch with as she lives here in Orlando and still works in the business), however, one of the most neat things that they got to do was go through his lines with him every morning. As I mentioned before, he was a perfectionist in every way and having someone to read the script with was important to him. I’m sure this is something the girls will always remember as he relied a lot on their support, criticism and opinions I’m sure. I thought that would have been fun to do anyway….