Director “Fortune Hunter”

May 17, 1999

I directed Mark in the TV pilot episode of “Fortune Hunter” in which he played a James Bondish type of rogue spy.

It was a part he was born to play. The character was charming, humorous, debonair, and sexy. Mark desperately wanted the role. He knew it was perfect for him. However at the time Universal Studios was considering him for the lead in a feature, and Mark was torn. Should he take certain job in the TV pilot, or wait for an uncertain feature role?

Fortunately for me he agreed to work on “Fortune Hunter” and we had a great time together. Once he made the decision, he didn’t look back. He applied himself to his role with total commitment. It was my only experience working with him, but one I’ll never forget.

This last weekend, my wife and I drove to San Diego to attend a cousin’s wedding. I wore a beige Armani cotton suit identical to the one Mark wore in “Fortune Hunter.”

We were the same size, and he had looked great in it. So I went out and bought one for myself. Consequently this weekend I couldn’t help but think often about Mark and how tragic and untimely was his death.