Co-star,”Fortune Hunter” (The Aquarius Intercept)

March 05, 1999

O.k., About Mark Frankel. He was elegantly handsome, amazingly talented, and one of the most professional actors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He had a demanding presence about him. You could feel his energy and charisma just being near him. It was dominating. He loved his work and took great pride in making a scene work. From top to finish. Yes, he was a great kisser, but very professional. He never “crossed the line” during those kissing scenes. You could see he had great love and devotion to his family. He told me proudly the story of his wife having a baby while he was in the middle of filming the pilot for “Fortune Hunter”, and how when he was finely able to go see his new baby boy that upon entering the room where the baby was laying on the hotel bed, the child recognized Mark’s voice and looked up at him as if to say ” I know your voice but who are you?” The baby started getting very excited and couldnt wait for Mark to pick him up and love him. I always remember that story, and it gives me great joy in knowing what a good father he was and the love he shared. The day I found out about Mark’s accident truly tore my heart up. Not only because he was wonderful and well respected but the fact that his wife has to see her reason for living go first and she’s left behind without him.

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about my experience with this fabulous actor. I hope you find this information helpful.