December, 1996
Obituaries:MARK FRANKEL, 34 – September 24, 1996

Actor Mark Frankel died of injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident in London on September 24, 1996. Frankel was best known for his performance as vampire leader Julian Luna in the television series Kindred: the Embraced in early 1996. The London-born actor made his television debut in the title role of the TNT mini-series “Michelangelo: A Season of Giants”. He also starred in the TNT telefilm “Young Catherine”. Frankel’s other television credits include appearances in the BBC productions of “Vanity Dies Hard” and “Maigret”. He starred in the British films “Leon the Pig Farmer” and “Solitaire for Two” before making his U.S. television debut as Simon Bolt in the series Sisters. His most recent performance was in the soon to be released film “Roseanne’s Grave”.