Frankel, Mark
born: June 13, 1962, London, England
died: Sept. 24, 1996, London, England, age 34

Up-and coming leading man who died of injuries from a motorcycle accident.

Mark Frankel played professional tennis during his college years, then landed his first professional stage role in Days of Cavafy. Spotted by TV director Jerry London, Frankel was cast as the title star of the six-hour miniseries MICHELANGELO-A SEASON OF GIANTS (TNT 1991). He co-starred opposite Julia Ormond and Vanessa Redgrave in the historical-drama telefilm YOUNG CATHERINE (TNT 1991), and appeared in several BBC productions including “Vanity Dies Hard” and “Maigret.” Frankel made his film debut in the comedy LEON THE PIG FARMER (UK 1992), and went on to the British feature SOLITAIRE FOR TWO (1994). Frankel also co-starred in the short-lived Fox TV series “Kindred The Embraced.”