V.I.P. hosted by Catrina Skepper
in summer 1997

Jean Reno about Mark Frankel

C.S.: Roseanna’s Grave is in fact dedicated to the memory of a young British actor, Mark Frankel, who played the part of Antonio and recently died. Do you have good memories of working with him?

Jean Reno: He was fantastic. “Bon” (well). We had a very special relationship, because I like very much cars and he likes very much “motos” (french expression for motorcycles). And we talked about that all the time. Have you seen this car is nice, this one, this one, this moto.

And when I heard – because I’ve lost my father while we were shooting – and when I heard that he was died (French people say: il est mort, I think that’s why he made a mistake here), phou, it was really a shock.

And the first time I saw the movie, it was here in London… and I was inside the story, I forgot that he was dead. And at the end… his last sentence… it’s: I wish you a good life… and… “c’etait tres dur, c’etait tres tres dur” (this was very hard, this was extremely hard)… We stayed fifteen minutes with the light director, Henry, a real gentleman, because we couldn’t stop crying. “Mark, mais”(but), he is NOT DEAD!